Vocational Training for Those in Recovery

Taylor Made Farm, a TPM collaborative employer; the Fletcher Group; and the Equine Workforce Development Initiative, have created a vocational training program in Jessamine County for individuals in recovery.

Taylor Made Farm’s School of Horsemanship launched March 15, 2021, with five participants. The school provides the instructor, facility, and horses to teach individuals from the Shepherd’s House in Lexington. The participants obtained hands-on equine vocational skills and knowledge of horse care and the equine industry. After they completed vocational training and reached a particular benchmark in their recovery, they were hired by Taylor Made Farm for permanent employment.

Since its inception, more than 10 individuals have completed the program. All gained valuable equine industry skills and were ultimately placed in new careers. Moving forward, the program’s goal is to expand to include other facilities and to grow the number of opportunities for potential participants.

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