Second/Fair Chance Employment

Conversations with industry employers have surfaced the desire to become more strategic regarding second or fair chance hiring within all aspects of the equine industry. With input from employers, we are developing an employer toolkit, as well as jump starting an open conversation portal in which employers can collaborate amongst themselves regarding best practices and avenues for improvement when engaging these populations. The goals include:

  • Develop an industry baseline for hiring practices and policies regarding second chance populations
  • Educate employers on the benefits of including employees with a history of substance abuse or who have been justice-involved
  • Communicate the value of second/fair chance employment and how it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion

The creation of the Department of Corrections Workforce Readiness and Reentry Program is the beginning of larger aspirations for the industry that will include expanding the programming to other industries within other correctional centers.

It is our hope that we can create both educational materials and a safe space for communication on the topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion and can help to propel the industry forward in these areas.


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