Equine Bus to Business

Bus to Business is a statewide initiative focused on connecting students with employers. The goal of the program is to show students what career pathways are in their communities. In addition, Visit Horse Country is an organization that strives to bring individuals, who are not necessarily familiar with the equine industry, onto properties around the Bluegrass.

The entire Equine Bus to Business video catalog can be found here

Knowing employers wanted to bolster their community engagement, specifically in the K-12 space, the Workforce Initiative realized the marriage of Bus to Business and Visit Horse Country was a natural fit for Kentucky school-children in this virtual learning environment.

Equine Workforce Wednesdays launched in January 2021 with a line-up of six facilities over five months. Each session highlights facilities, employers and employees, and critical positions. Through this partnership, professional equine career content is available to thousands of Kentucky students. In the course of five months, Equine Workforce Wednesdays reached a total of 2,136 Kentucky students and educated them on unique places of business ranging from farms, vet clinics, and rescue organizations to feed manufacturers and large-scale show and training facilities.

The 2021-2022 school year will once again find an entire month (March 2022) dedicated to Equine Workforce Wednesdays. These five episodes will highlight the positions held throughout one individual’s career in the equine industry, allowing students to see the unique career opportunities and pathways available to them.


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