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The idea of career pathway documents stemmed from conversations with employers who noted that they, as an industry, did not do a good job of educating individuals of the potential career opportunities within particular industry sectors.

The Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board suggested creating shareable public documents that outline the job and career opportunities in various aspects of the equine industry. Using templates that had been utilized in other industries, seven documents are in the works of publication. Each document details available jobs and arranges them in a way that individuals can understand the pathway of career progression. Each entry also details a position’s education and training requirements, average pay scale, as well as information regarding the amount of on the job experience needed.

The industry sectors highlighted include: Thoroughbred Care and Sales, Thoroughbred Racing, Veterinary Care, Healthcare and Supportive Services, Equine Transportation, Equine Vendors and Support Services, and Non-Racing Opportunities. These documents are available to the public and are being distributed through various avenues such as K-12 school districts, Kentucky Ag Extension, 4-H and FFA clubs, and other professional organizations. We are encouraging all populations and anyone looking to make their start in the equine industry to utilize the documents.


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