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The equine veterinary industry in Kentucky is vastly important given the density of the equine population in the state. The two of the world’s largest equine clinics are in Lexington and play an integral part of all equine industry sectors. The intention of having these two clinics, as well as another well know equine hospital in the area, make up a three-employer collaborative was evident from the beginning. However, during initial one-on-one conversations with the various clinics it was decided to enter a consultative model with only one clinic initially. This collaborative group took on a new feel as department heads from across the clinic, as well as upper management, became a part of the collaborative. In all, seven representatives are involved in collaborative workings and decisions.

This clinic also has satellite clinics in two other industry rich states and was interested in applying the TPM model across their corporate board. They quickly decided on which critical positions to focus as they were a concern across all their campuses: Nurses, reception, barn crew, and admissions staff.

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Since they were one employer working alone, they decided to employ a different tactic of data collection. Instead of utilizing the TPM Webtool this employer launched an internal survey with the goal of garnering not just workforce development essential data but also a glimpse into the inner workings of their organization. One aspect of their company they wanted to focus on from the start was retention and employee incentive programs. Their turn-over rate was higher than desired and given the high stress environment of the clinic they felt strongly about rewarding their employees.

In addition, one recruitment strategy adopted by the clinic engages with educational entities to offer students from various programs the opportunity for hands-on learning. Both high school and collegiate students are placed in different departments around the hospital. In addition to students, Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital is also actively engaged with Goodwill Industries and O.W.L. (Opportunity for Work and Learning) to offer career placement for clients needing job support and training.

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